Taking Part

Dear Neighbours,

We are a group of artists that live on Clouds Hill Avenue:
Ricardo (theatre-maker) & Jenni (musician)
Cara (film-maker) & Sam (designer)
and Victoria (film producer/director)

We have recently got together and formed what we are currently calling the Clouds Hill Collective, in response to this lockdown period.

We are hoping to make a set of short films set to music which aim to reflect the stories and experiences of the residents of this street during lockdown and in particular the setting of the row of gardens backing onto St George’s Park. We want to make sure we are telling real stories and accurately documenting the thoughts and feelings of all of us residents, and so we would love to talk to you and receive your input before and during the making of these films.

We would love to invite anyone that wishes to, to get involved. This could be as much or as little as feels comfortable to you, and certainly wouldn’t require you to be on camera unless you really wanted to!


 There are many ways that you can get involved!

– Having a chat with one of us and telling us about your experience.
– Writing or drawing your thoughts or feelings (or asking your children to!)
– Sharing your artistic creations with us
– Filming yourself telling us about your experience
-Recording just your voice telling us about your experience.
– Having a conversation with us on camera
– Or if you’ve got natural talent and you’re keen to perform, maybe there’s a part for you in the final film!

(NB all filming, recording and conversations will be conducted in line with all social distancing measures!!)

We’re really keen to hear from as many of you as possible, and for you to be involved in whichever way feels right to you.

Initially we just want to hear from you and hear how you are all doing?